(Communicated by the President’s Spokeswoman and the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

President Moshe Katsav’s office has released the following statement:

“President Moshe Katsav sent a letter of condolences to US President George Bush and to Nancy Reagan on the passing of the 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan.  President Katsav wishes to express his sincerest condolences, on his behalf and that of the Israeli people, to the American people and the Reagan family.

President Katsav praised US President Reagan’s efforts to both increase global stability and to preserve universal human values, which are his legacy to future generations.

President Katsav met with Nancy Reagan during his 2001 visit to the US and was her guest at the Reagan Presidential Library in Los Angeles.

President Katsav said that we esteem US President Reagan’s friendship and support for the State and people of Israel, which continued during and after his terms in office.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Bureau has released the following statement:

“The Government of Israel shares in the grief of the US administration and expresses its condolences to the American people on the passing of US President Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan, of blessed memory, was a friend of the State of Israel; during his tenure as US President, bilateral relations were based on cooperation and understanding.

The Government of Israel shares in the mourning of the Reagan family and of Nancy Reagan.”