The President of Israel started the second day of his State Visit to Hungary by meeting with the Prime Minister of Hungary, Dr. Peter Medgyssy.
President Katsav and the Hungarian Prime Minister discussed many issues during the meeting which lasted longer than scheduled and in which the Hungarian Ministers of Justice and Culture also participated.  Among the issues raised were the relations between the two countries, the increasing anti-Semitism in Europe, the situation in the Middle East and the situation in Iraq and in Iran.
The President of Israel expressed his great concern about the growth of anti-Semitism in Europe and said that the European leaders should legislate and use law enforcement means and education and that they should repeatedly and clearly condemn anti-Semitic manifestations.
The Hungarian Prime Minister replied that his country is doing its best to fight anti-Semitic manifestations and to commemorate those who were killed in the Holocaust.  The Prime Minister said that the young generation must learn the lessons of the Holocaust and, therefore, his Government insisted on the establishment of the centre documenting the Holocaust, which will be opened in Budapest the following day. The Hungarian Prime Minister also acceded to President Katsav´s request to have the Hungarian Holocaust Museum cooperate with Yad Vashem in Israel, in order to locate lists of victims of Hungarian Jews and also to deepen the education and the studies on the Holocaust.
On the issues of international terrorism, President Katsav said that Iran is involved in the Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel.  The Palestinian terrorism is being funded by several sources and the international community must cooperate in fighting terrorist organizations and countries supporting terrorism.  Israel intends completing the security fence quickly in order to prevent terrorist activities against its citizens.
The President emphasized that the right of return for the Palestinians meant the destruction of Israel.