The President of Israel, who this morning arrived in Hungary with his wife on a State Visit, began his political meetings with a tete-a-tete discussion with the President of Hungary, Mr. Ferenc Madl, which was followed by a working meeting with teams from both sides.
The two Presidents discussed the mutual relations between Hungary and Israel, the situation in the Middle East and global issues. Special emphasis was placed on Hungary´s joining the European Union on May 1, 2004.
The President of Israel mentioned to his hosts, his concern about the increase in anti-Semitic events and stressed the need to fight against anti-Semitism by legal, law enforcement, educational and public means.  The President noted that public opinion is greatly influenced by the words of the leaders and that legislation is not sufficient. The leaders must speak clearly and with determination.
On the issue of the Middle East, the President said that Israel does not have a partner for the Roadmap and that, due to the continuing terrorist attacks, we are forced to take unilateral steps, such as the building of the security fence, the positioning of which has no political considerations, and the plan for withdrawing from Gaza. In addition, the President said that in Palestinian society there is a conflict between the constructive and the destructive elements and that the chances of the Middle East peace process depends on who wins.
In reply, the President of Hungary said that Hungary is aware of the difficulty of finding a solution to the conflict in the Middle East, that it believes that Israel needs to live with secure borders and that he is aware that the Government of Israel recognized the Roadmap and, thereby, the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.