(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, today, Thursday, (4 November 2004) telephoned US President George Bush and congratulated him on his impressive victory in the US elections.  In addition, he congratulated President Bush on the Republican Party’s success in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Prime Minister Sharon said that President Bush’s victory was not just a victory in elections but the triumph of a path, ideology and belief.

Prime Minister Sharon expressed his high appreciation of President Bush’s leadership, to his insistence in advancing his policy and to fight terrorism without compromise. The Prime Minister added that the President’s path would lead the world to a better and safer future. He noted that leaders sometimes make decisions that appear unpopular in the short term, but are proven to be just and correct in the long term.

Prime Minister Sharon thanked the President for the good and close relationship which exists between themselves and the two countries and said that he is sure that it will continue to strengthen and develop. The Prime Minister added that he is determined to advance all issues on the agenda.

President Bush warmly thanked the Prime Minister for his words and said that the relationship between him and the Prime Minister is very good, and that he expects to continue working together. President Bush said that he highly esteems the steps that Prime Minister Sharon is taking on the disengagement plan, despite the difficulties involved.

President Bush added that he appreciates Prime Minister Sharon’s leadership and noted that the results of the US elections prove that the population appreciates strong people and strong leaders.