(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

As part of the deployment and preparations made by the IDF to allow the dignified funeral of the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Yasser Arafat, special passage and transportation arrangements on West Bank roads have been made.

The entrance of journalists into Ramallah will be via the Bituniya passage located south of Ramallah. The Palestinian Authority is responsible for security in the city of Ramallah; journalists entering Ramallah do so at their own risk, fully aware of the dangers involved.

All funeral arrangements that require Israel’s assistance are being coordianted in conjunction with the Palestinian Authority, in order to ensure a dignified funeral ceremony.

The large number of reporters who are expected to leave Ramallah in the following days, having covered the funeral and the events surrounding it, should anticipate a security check upon leaving Ramallah. As a result of this there may be delays while they leave. The IDF is asking reporters to be patient and to appreciate that security checks are necessary in order to protect Israeli citizens.

IDF SPOX Representatives:

The commander of the IDF SPOX  representative in Bituniya
Major Asaf Liberaty
IDF SPOX representative for the Arab media
Major Eita Arusi
IDF SPOX Foreign Press Branch representatives 
Major Sharon Feingold
Captain Jacob Dallal
IDF SPOX  News Desk