(Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories)
In the framework of the special humanitarian operation that began yesterday, hundreds of UNRWA containers filled with basic food supplies such as flour, rice, sugar and milk powder for children entered the Gaza strip via the Sufa crossing.

The humanitarian operation is a joint initiative of the IDF and the District Liaison Office in Gaza with UNRWA, based on the humanitarian need and in advance of the month of Ramadan.

36 food containers which arrived at Ashdod port and passed into the Gaza Strip yesterday, October 12, 2004, as part of the operation and approximately 160 are expected to enter the Gaza strip today and tomorrow. The IDF and the District Coordination Office representatives will facilitate the humanitarian operation with a permanent representation at the Sufa crossing and by contact with UNRWA representatives.

During the humanitarian operation, the IDF is coordinating the passage of Palestinian trucks and cranes at the locations where the Gaza Strip is divided in order to transfer food containers from the Palestinian side of the Sufa crossing to the UNRWA main storage facilities in Rafah.

In addition, the transfer of UNRWA and WFA containers continues at an escalated rate of 20 containers per day.