I want to thank you, Mr. President, for your warm welcome and your strong support and friendship for the State of Israel.

I came to you from a peace-seeking country. Despite the repeated terror attacks against us, the people of Israel continues to wish for the achievement of a viable peace, in accordance with our Jewish tradition, as outlined by Israel’s prophets.

Our people desires to be known for its achievements in the fields of culture, science and technology, rather than in the battlefield.

We are committed to make any efforts to develop our country and society for our own benefit and for the benefit of the peoples of the region.

In our meeting today, I presented to you the outlines of my disengagement plan.

It will improve Israel’s security and economy and reduce friction and tension between Israelis and Palestinians.

My plan will create a new and better reality for the State of Israel, and it also has the potential to create the right conditions to resume negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

I was encouraged by your positive response and your support for my plan.

In that context, you handed me a letter that includes very important statements regarding Israel’s security and its wellbeing as a Jewish state.

You have proven, Mr. President, your ongoing, deep and sincere friendship to the State of Israel and to the Jewish people.

I believe that my plan can be an important contribution to advancing your vision, which is the only viable way to achieve peace and security in the Middle East.

I wish to end with a personal note.

I myself have been fighting terror for many years and understand the threats and costs from terrorism.

In all these years, I have never met a leader as committed as your are, Mr. President, to the struggle for freedom and the need to confront terrorism wherever it exists.

I want to express my appreciation to you, for your courageous leadership in the war against global terror and your commitment and vision to bring peace to the Middle East.

Thank you.