(Communciated by the Ministry of Science and Technology)

The European Researchers’ Mobility Portal (EUROPA) has announced the availability of 109 research jobs in Israel. Researchers planning a stay in Israel are encouraged to look in the special portal of the Israel Ministry of Science and Technology for career opportunities and to find relevant information and assistance.
The European Union has launched two initiatives aimed at enhancing researchers’ mobility within Europe:

  • A Researchers’s Mobility Internet Portal, intended to help researchers identify training and job opportunities throughout Europe.
  • A Network of Mobility Centers intended to facilitate the life of "mobile" researchers by tailored assistance.

ERA-MORE (The European Network of Mobility Centers) works to encourage the mobility of scientists and other academicians throughout Europe via a network of mobility centers in various countries, including Israel, where it is represented by the Science Ministry. All academic positions are considered by the portal, not only scientific fields.

In Israel, the Ministry of Science and Technology, in conjunction with Israel’s universities, has launched the Israeli network of mobility centers.