(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Following a decision by the political echelon and in light of the ongoing cooperation with the Palestinian Authority the IDF will continue to ease restrictions for the Palestinian population, including the cancellation of assigned residence orders of four Palestinians who were involved in terrorist activity against Israeli targets.

As part of the preventative security measures taken to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks during the last three years, the IDF has moved Palestinian detainees involved in terrorist activity from their center of activity in the West Bank to the Gaza Strip. The detainees who could not be charged were transported to the Gaza Strip in accordance with assigned residence orders, which were legally approved by the High Court of Justice.

The four Palestinians will leave the Gaza Strip today, March 15, 2005, via the Erez Crossing and will go through thorough security checks. They will then be transported by the IDF to the Bitunia crossing, from which they will return to their homes inside the West Bank.