(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The Cabinet today (Sunday), 17 April 2005, by a majority vote, approved Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s proposal that sets special work procedures for all matters regarding advancing the implementation of the Disengagement Plan. The goal of the decision is to achieve maximum efficiency and to hasten the work procedures regarding both the evacuation of communities in the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria and the provision of various alternative residence solutions.

The decision determines that a special ministerial committee chaired by Prime Minister Sharon, and with the participation of Industry, Trade and Employment Minister Ehud Olmert, Vice Premier Shimon Peres, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz, Construction and Housing Minister Yitzhak Herzog, Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz and Environment Minister Shalom Simhon will be authorized to make decisions in all matters regarding Government preparations ahead of the implementation of the Disengagement Plan  in the civil sphere, when the committee’s decisions are approved by the Cabinet.

The decision defines the ministries’ directors-general forum, chaired by Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Ilan Cohen, as the body that will coordinate and promote the implementation of the Disengagement Plan in the civil sphere. The directors-general forum will consider the feasibility of the establishment of sites designated for community or urban settlement for Gaza Strip and northern Samaria evacuees, and will make recommendations to the aforementioned ministerial committee regarding the implementation of the Disengagement Plan.

According to the decision, all ministries participating in the implementation of the Disengagement Plan will appoint a senior employee to be responsible for the ministry’s preparations ahead of the implementation of the Disengagement Plan, with the representatives of the various ministries working in full coordination.

The decision also defined that, in keeping with the opinion of Attorney-General Meni Mazuz, those instances in which it would be necessary and desirable to make use of the clauses regarding exemption from public tender in the public tender rules regarding contacts requiring special urgency in implementing the Disengagement Plan. Thus, the time needed for contacts between the Government and various suppliers will be significantly shortened.

The Israel Lands Administration Council will define those cases in which exemptions from public tender will be awarded regarding land transactions with Gaza Strip and northern Samaria residents. These rules will enable the immediate allocation of lands for the residents’ benefit.