(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
In light of the ongoing cooperation between Israel and representatives of the Palestinian Authority, the IDF Chief of Staff has ordered changes in the IDF’s operational activity framework. Among the changes, he has ordered a minimization in proactive operations in order to allow the Palestinian Authority Forces to deploy in the area and take responsibility for the cessation of terror attacks.

Proactive IDF operations in the Gaza Strip will cease in the areas in which Palestinian security forces have redeployed and are acting to halt terror activities against Israeli civilians and IDF forces.

In addition, in accordance with security assessments and subject to Palestinian security deployment to stop terror attacks at crossings, the IDF will make arrangements to reopen the Erez, Karni and Rafah crossings next week for the benefit of the residents of the Gaza Strip

Futhermore, the Chief of Staff has ordered that IDF targeting of terrorists in the West Bank will take place only if there is an immediate threat by active terrorist cells, and only with his explicit authorization.

In accordance with security assessments, the IDF will also make arrangements to ease movement on the roads in the West Bank.