Israel expects European aid to ensure that the Gaza withdrawal is not replaced by terrorist bases.

 FM Shalom welcomes European Parliament Presidium


FM Shalom greets European Parliament Pres Josep  Fontells (Flash 90)

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Deputy Foreign Minister and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom met today (June 27) in Jerusalem with members of the European Parliament Presidium. Minister Shalom told them that Israel expects European aid that will ensure that the areas Israel withdraws from under the Disengagement Plan do not become terrorist bases for attacks against Israel. Israel is interested in these areas coming under the control of the Palestinian Authority, he said.

With regard to the Iranian threat, the minister added that the results of Iran’s presidential election prove that Iran is not looking toward reform and progress, but conservatism and radicalism. It is all a pretense of democracy and a cover for dangerous, radical policies, he said.

"We support Israel’s right to exist in peace and security," said European Parliament President Josep Borell Fontells. "Our support is unconditional."