The Foreign Ministry will operate a desk at the Eshkol Media Center.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The Foreign Ministry will, as of today (Sunday), 14 August 2005, operate a desk at the Eshkol Media Center. It may be contacted at 08-9904916 and 08-9904951/2/3 (fax). The Foreign Ministry secretariat at the Eshkol Media Center may be contacted at 08-9904930/1 or 08-9904946/9 (fax).

Orly Gil (050-6203229) and Ronit Ben-Dor (050-6203544) will be the Foreign Ministry duty officers at the Government Press Office from 14-17 August 2005 and 16-18 August 2005 respectively.

Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Information and the Media Gideon Meir may be contacted at 050-6203184. Senior Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tali Samash may be contacted at 050-6203142; Amira Oron (for Arabic speakers) may be contacted at 050-6203198.

The following Foreign Ministry spokespersons will be available as of Tuesday, 16 August 2005: Amit Gilad (German) – 050-6203156; Jacky Eldan (Spanish) – 050-6203237; Hasid Barnea (French) – 050-6203163; and Mikhail Brodesky (Russian) – 050-6203023.