(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman) 

The funeral of Israel’s seventh president and former minister of defense, Major General (res.) Ezer Weizman will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26, 2005, 17:30 at the Or Akiva Cemetery.

Prior to the funeral, the coffin will be placed at the Culture Hall ("Heichal Ha’tarbut") in Or Akiva at 09:00. Between the hours 09:00-14:00 the general public will be able to pay their respects at his coffin.

The funeral ceremony which will include eulogies in his memory will be held at 16:00. At 17:00 the funeral procession will leave from the Culture Hall to Or Akiva’s cemetery.    

An aerial demonstration will fly over Or Akiva at the end of the funeral. The formation will include several F-16 airplanes from the 101st squadron, the first combat squadron which was under Maj. Gen. (res.) Ezer Weizman’s command. The aerial demonstration, which will be led by the commander of the 101st Squadron Lt. Col. E, will fly over the funeral from west to east.

Israeli leaders mourn the death of Ezer Weizman:

President Moshe Katsav: "Ezer Weizman was one of Israel’s outstanding leaders and guiding statesmen, who helped bring about the turnaround in the Arab world’s relationship with Israel. Ezer Weizman was rpominent in the life of the state as a soldier and pilot in the War of Independence, as one of the founders of the air force, and as one of those responsible for the historic victory in the 1967 Six Day War. He was also one of those responsible for the peace with Egypt. He had great personal charm and was known for his great love of the land and its people. He knew how to directly reach the hearts of the people with the power of his leadership."

Prime Minister Sharon:, “Ezer is a symbol and a model of the native Israeli (Sabra). Every station in his life was a cornerstone for the building of this land: In the Irgun, in establishing the Israeli Air Force, in turning it into a the IDF’s spearhead, in the glowing victory of the Six Day War, as minister of defense, as a central figure in the peace accords with Egypt and as a president who was loved by all classes in society. Ezer excelled in his decisiveness, in leadership, courage and sharp tongue. Today, I lost a commander and a close friend.”