“We call upon people of all faiths: Renew your visits to the Old City of Jerusalem."

 Israel, Vatican Ambassador and hoteliers call on pilgrims and tourists to visit Jerusalem


Minister of Tourism Hirchson, Vatican Ambassador Monsignor Pietro Sambi, Jerusalem hoteliers and children (Photo: Sasson Tiram)

(Communicated by the Ministry of Tourism)
At the signing of a joint proclamation with the Vatican’s Ambassador to Israel Monsignor Pietro Sambi and Jerusalem hoteliers at the American Colony Hotel, Israeli Tourism Minister Avraham Hirchson on April 6, 2005 announced the establishment of a special ministerial team that, within one month, will propose steps to provide maintenance and marketing assistance to hotels in eastern Jerusalem. The proclamation is designed to encourage tourism to Jerusalem, and to the Old City in particular. Monsignor Sambi noted at the event that Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land, especially to Jerusalem, was of the utmost importance to the late Pope John Paul II.

“We call upon people of all faiths: Renew your visits to the Old City of Jerusalem,” reads the trilingual Hebrew-Arabic-English declaration.

Yellow and white balloons were released at the ceremony in memory to the Pope, who worked tirelessly for rapprochement between members of all faiths. Minister Hirchson met earlier with his Palestinian counterpart Ziad Al Bandak to discuss enabling free passage to guides accompanying tourists in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.