The President of Israel: "We the citizens want to ensure governmental stability without upheavals and that the Government can conduct its political affairs without crises."

(Communicated by the President’s Spokesman) 
The President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katsav, spoke to reporters in the President´s Residence after receiving the credentials from the new ambassadors of Georgia, Panama, India, Myanmar, Singapore and the Dominican Republic. President Katsav referred to early elections and said that it is in the hands of the Knesset but we, the citizens of Israel expect the country´s affairs to be governed without upheavals and the government to be stable without political crises.

In the discussion which the President held with the Ambassador of Georgia, the President said that he praises the President of Georgia for his decision to waive the requirement for Israelis to obtain entry visas to Georgia. "I am certain that this decision will lead to an increase in the number of tourists to your lovely country which has a warm Jewish community and very good relations with it. The Ambassador of Georgia, Lasha Zhvania, reported in Hebrew that, that morning the first group of Israelis had entered Georgia without visas.

The Ambassador of Panama, Mr. Victor Millan, expressed the hope that Israeli businessmen and engineers would join the project of widening the Panama Canal which is due to be completed by 2025. He noted that the relations between Israel and Panama are good.  President Katsav expressed the hope that the relations would be improved even more.

President Katsav said to the Ambassador of India, Arun Kumar Singh, that Israel very much appreciates the policy of the Indian Government towards us and said: "I would very much like to see the leaders of India at the highest level here in order for them to hear, feel and obtain a better understanding of the situation in the Middle East."  President Katsav officially invited the President of India to come on a State visit to Israel. The Ambassador of India promised to do everything to widen the cooperation between India and Israel in all fields. President Katsav surveyed for his guest the situation in the Israeli-Palestinian arena and said: "If the terrorism ends we will be able to renew the political negotiations with the Palestinians and we will be able to arrive at a compromise with them, but if the Palestinian terrorism continues, there will be escalation and a deterioration in the situation." In addition, President Katsav said that Abu Mazen is not doing enough to stop the terror. "The Hamas cannot be a political party with a private army."

In the meeting with the Ambassador of Myanmar, the President and his guest, Mr. Myint Swe, noted Israel’s assistance in Myanmar´s agriculture.

The Ambassador of Singapore, Mr. Chew Tai Soo, said that the relations are good and that there is excellent cooperation in all fields.

Especially moving was the meeting between President Katsav and the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Leonardo Cohen, his wife Rina and daughter Michelle. The Ambassador told President Katsav that his great grandfather had been the Ambassador of Holland in the Antilles and from there the family had come to the Dominican Republic. His great grandfather had established on the islands the first synagogues which is called Eretz Yehuda.  Ambassador Cohen to President Katsav: "We are deeply moved to be meeting with the President of the Jewish State.  It is the realization of our dreams." The daughter of the Ambassador is the Director of the Department of International Organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of her country and the wife of the Ambassador headed an organization which fights against violence in the family. President Katsav warmly praised the shelter which the Dominican Republic had given to hundreds of thousand of Jews who had fled from the Nazis and even beforehand.  In addition, the President thanked the President of the Dominican Republic for its warm relations towards Israel and invited the President to pay a State visit to Israel.