PM Sharon: "The story of Kishon’s life is the story of the Jewish people in our time. A refugee youth, a brand plucked from the fire, reached a new country…"

Ephraim Kishon (b. 1924, Budapest, Hungary) was born Ferenc Kishont. He immigrated to Israel in 1949 and started publishing in Hebrew two years after his arrival. His play, "The Marriage Contract", had one of the longest runs in the Israeli theater, and his feature films "Sallah Shabbati" and "Blaumilch Canal", which he wrote, directed and produced, enjoyed international distribution. His sketches and plays have been performed in translation on the stages and television networks of several countries, and his books have been translated into 37 languages.

In 1993, Kishon was awarded Germany’s highest citation for literature. In 2002 he was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement, for his unique contribution to society and the state.