(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon today (Monday), 27 June 2005, in the framework of the effort to bring the Falashmura to Israel, met with representatives of the North American United Jewish Communities (UJC).

Prime Minister Sharon said, “Many Falashmura are suffering in the camps. There are problems of hunger and disease there, and therefore a supreme effort must be made to bring them to Israel.” The UJC leaders informed the Prime Minister of their intention to raise $100 million in the next three years for both bringing the Falashmura to Israel and integrating them into Israeli society.

Prime Minister Sharon briefed his guests on the diplomatic situation and said, “Israel wants to move the process forward but a necessary condition for this is quiet and the cessation of terrorism. While the Palestinians are making an effort to coordinate the disengagement, we have yet to see any tangible progress in the war on terrorism.”