(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Sharon met today (Wednesday), 22 June 2005, with Federated States of Micronesia President Joseph J. Urusemal and thanked him for his country’s friendship towards Israel and for its UN votes, which express its support for Israel.  The Prime Minister said that Israel would continue bilateral cooperation in the fields of agriculture, medicine and education, and would like to enhance bilateral cooperation in all areas.

Micronesian President Urusemal noted that that while this was his first visit to Israel, it was the third by a Micronesian President. He thanked Prime Minister Sharon for the warm reception that he has met with on his visit to Israel and asked to express the Micronesian people’s friendship and admiration for the courage and determination of the Israeli people. He added that he was very much interested in further improving bilateral relations.

Micronesian President Urusemal commended Prime Minister Sharon for his courageous efforts to reach a settlement and said that he supports the Prime Minister’s efforts. The Micronesian President added that his country condemns all forms of terrorism against Israeli targets and emphasized that Micronesia would continue to support Israel. He thanked Prime Minister Sharon for Israel’s support for Micronesia.