(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The security establishment issues the following appeal to all Israeli citizens and residents:

"Israeli citizens and residents who transport Palestinians who are in Israeli territory illegally severely disrupt the efforts to combat terrorism and directly aid – however unintentionally – in increasing threats of terrorism.

Recently, there has been a grave phenomenon in which those who transport Palestinians who are in Israel illegally have become a tangible security risk; this is in light of past experience vis-a-vis the involvement of such Palestinians and those who transport them in terrorist attacks.

The courts have decided that there is no alternative but to sentence those who transport and/or employ such Palestinians to actual prison terms since those who transport such Palestinians are committing a serious criminal offense, in addition to tangibly abetting terrorism.

Israeli citizens are called upon to absolutely refrain from transporting Palestinians who are in Israel illegally and thus avoid both assisting terrorism and becoming involved in criminal activity."