Israel provided a variety of humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia.

(Communicated by the Israel Foreign Ministry)

The State of Israel transfered a sum of $100,000 to UNOCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), which is coordinating the provision of assistance to the victims of the tsunami. Details of Israeli assistance was presented at the UNOCHA Donors Conference which took place on January 11 in Geneva.

The assistance provided by the State of Israel and Israeli NGO’s:

Sri Lanka:

• A consignment of medical equipment valued at $60,000.
• An emergency delegation of nine medical personnel.
• On the initiative of the IDF and the Foreign Ministry, a plane carrying 82 tons of food, medical equipment and other humanitarian assistance was dispatched.
• Following a request from the Sri Lankan Government regarding the provision of psychological support, a delegation composed of five doctors and social workers set out for Colombo, Sri Lanka, on January 9, for a week-long visit. The delegation providee guidance to professionals working with the population in the disaster areas. The program was coordinated with the University of Colombo.
• A plane carrying 10 tons of emergency equipment arrived in Sri Lanka on January 10. The plane carried equipment for emergency food kitchens as well as food supplies. The kitchens are able to provide 4000 hot meals a day. The United Kibbutz Movement provided the donation.
• Magen David Adom donated a mobile clinic.
• Magen David Adom responded positively to the Director General of the Sri Lanka Health Service, and arranged to send medical relief to the tsunami victims. A delegation of nine medical personnel from Magen David Adom left Israel on January 9, in order to establish a first aid treatment center in the city of Matara. The center will operate in coordination with the kitchen donated by the United Kibbutz Movement, in order to provide meals to the disaster victims.
• The United Kibbutz Movement dispatched a delegation of five personnel to oversee a feeding station. The team will also provide logistical and humanitarian assistance.
• An umbrella organization has been established to oversee the assistance to the tsunami victims, called the Israel Campaign for South East Asia Disaster Relief, which includes 45 organizations. It established donation points throughout Israel, and has collected between 150 and 200 tons of food and humanitarian supplies.


• 3,300 body bags, 500 gas masks and special protective suits for the disaster areas provided by the Zaka Rescue and Identification team.
• A medical delegation that included 13 doctors and three nurses.
• Assistance in the identification of bodies – Immediately after the tsunami disaster struck, the Thai authorities requested the dispatch of a police forensic unit to assist in the identification of victims. A delegation of 12 personnel, including a police forensic crew and members of the Zaka Rescue and Identification unit were dispatched to Thailand, four days after the tsunami disaster hit the country. The delegation searched for missing Israelis, and provided assistance to the Thai authorities. A further 11 personnel joined the delegation on January 5.
• The Remedia Company donated 3 tons of baby food, which arrived on January 6.
• 2 tons of blankets and clothes arrived on January 9.
• 5 tons of medicines donated by Teva Pharmaceuticals were dispatched courtesy of the El Al airline, and arrived on January 10. • Medicine valued at $600,000 was donated by Walter Arbib, an Israeli residing in Canada. He requested that the donation be presented on behalf of the State of Israel. The medicine arrived on January 10.


On January 12, a plane carrying 75 tons of equipment valued at $450,000 landed near the tsunami-affected area of Aceh. The cargo included the following:
• 16 tons of baby food donated by the Remedia and Materna companies.
• 30 tons of rice, flour, water, sugar and grains donated by the Koach Latet organization as well as the Sugat and Osem companies.
• 5 tons of plastic sheeting donated by Hovav Plastica and Haogenplast.
• 20 tons of medicine produced by Teva Pharmaceuticals, donated through the Latet organization.
• A water purification system valued at $20,000 produced by the Netafim manufacturer, donated by Shari Arison Glazer and the Shira Hadasha Congregation, in Jerusalem. The manufacturer Netafim also donated a second system.
• A contribution of $300,000 of the Sacta-Rashi Foundation. Mark Solomon and the Friends of Yemin Orde Wingate Youth Village covered the cost of the flight.
• The above contribution together with that of Koach Latet, also provided ten communications networks produced by Gilat Satellite Networks, which provided two additional networks.
• El Al provided the plane at minimal cost, and the Defense Ministry and Maman provided quick, efficient and free service at the airport.