(Communciated by the IDF Spokesman)

The GOC Central Command, Yair Nave, signed an order to regulate the transfer of goods in commercial quantities from Judea and Samaria into Israel and from Israel into Judea and Samaria.

The transfer of goods whose origin or destination is not Israeli communities or Israeli industrial zones will be done via six crossings in which "back to back" surfaces exist, in order to allow merchandise to be transferred in an orderly and supervised manner.

The "back to back" surfaces exist in the following crossings: Bike’a, Gilboa, Efraim Gate, Bitunia, Har Homa, and Tarkumia crossings.

Goods which are fresh agricultural produce, which origin or destination is Israeli communities or Israeli industrial zones inside Israel or in Judea and Samaria, will be transferred via nine crossings designated for the transfer of fresh agricultural produce.

The crossings are: Maccabim, Samaria, A-Zaim, Jaba’a, Meitar, Eliahu, Bike’a, Behorim, and the Tunnels crossings – at nine of the 31 seam zone crossings. 

The purpose of the order is to prevent the transfer of weaponry or prohibited materials under the disguise of agricultural fresh produce, as well as to prevent the transfer of agricultural products that do not make the Public Health Supervision standards and may endanger lives.

The above-mentioned nine crossings will be manned by the Animal and Plants Supervision Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, who will conduct strict inspection of the agricultural produce according to law.