(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Following is updated list of travel warnings, as recommended by the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism Staff. 

Even though this document concerns recommendations only, each traveler should consider the dangers to themselves and to those accompanying him/her and should refrain from taking unnecessary risks.

I. Arab Countries:
All Arab countries except Mauritania are included in the travel warning list and it is recommended not to visit, or stay in, any of them.

1. Arab countries with Basic Threat Level:
Oman, Comoros Islands, Kuwait, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.

2. Arab countries with Concrete Threat Level:
Bahrain, Tunisia, Algeria, Qatar (excluding Doha), Djibouti and Morocco

3. Arab countries with High Threat Level:
Egypt (including Sinai), Jordan, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Yemen.

II. Other countries:
It is recommended to refrain from traveling to the following countries:

1. Concrete Threat Level – Tajikistan and Nigeria

2. High Threat Level – Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia and Kenya

3. Very High Threat Level – Afghanistan and Iran

Partial travel warnings:
It is recommended to refrain from visiting the following areas/locations:

Basic Threat Level – Koa San Road and the area around it, in Bangkok

High Threat Level – northern Nigeria (above 10 degrees latitude) and southern Thailand (Krabi – Thammarati, and south – to the border with Malaysia.)

3. Very High Threat Level – Kashmir region (India), Mindanao island (Philippines) and Chechnya (Russia)

Awareness and general caution
It is recommended to ve alert and cautious when visiting the Philippines, Thailand and Turkey.

For further information, please contact the Counter-Terrorism Staff at 03-5486042/3/4 or 03-5486124.