(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism HQ has (Monday), 8 August 2005, issued the following statement:

“In light of the revelations regarding serious concrete terrorist threats at coastal sites in Turkey, the National Security Council Counter-Terrorism HQ hereby issues a temporary travel warning, which is likely to be short, until the threats are lifted. Until such time, all Israeli citizens are warned to avoid visiting or staying in the coastal strip in southern Turkey between Alanya and Kemer. Recommendations against staying close to Turkey’s borders with Iran and Iraq remain in force. Israelis are likewise called on to be alert and maintain the recommended rules of behavior throughout Turkey.”

Update – August 11, 2005

The National Security Council Counter-Terrorism HQ believes that in light of the results that have been achieved thus far by the Turkish security establishment in the Alanya-Kemer region, the level of concrete terrorism threat in this area has gone down. In these circumstances Israeli citizens are called upon to heed the following recommendations:

1) Prefer, as much as possible, other tourist destinations in Turkey; 2) Adhere to the recommended rules of conduct for overseas travelers in this area; and
3) Prefer, at this stage, cruise ships that reach destinations outside this area.