(Communicated by the Foreign Media Advisor to Vice Premier Shimon Peres)

Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres and the Palestinian Minister for Civil Affairs Mohammed Dahlan met this evening in Tel Aviv and discussed a range of economic and civilian subjects.

During the meeting Peres and Dahlan brought up a number of suggestions regarding economic and civilian cooperation, which will be checked by the two sides. Mohammed Dahlan brought up to Peres the daily problems of the Palestinians, in particular the passages.

The subjects that were discussed constituted those that could have an immediate positive impact, and need immediate cooperative attention. These subjects include the freedom of movement of goods and people, the transfer of existing businesses, such as the settlers’ greenhouses, job creation, and improving the standard of living.

Vice Premier Shimon Peres said that the disengagement from Gaza will bring about an increase in security and an improvement in the economic and social situations of both peoples.

Minister Dahlan said that the most important issue is to return the security and the hope to the Palestinian people.