Interim PM Olmert’s remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:
"Today we will discuss several changes to the route of the security fence in the north, center, Jerusalem area and south. The changes are very important and we are committed to making a supreme effort to complete the security fence everywhere as quickly as possible. We must move forward. The decisions we make today will enable us, in the vital areas, to complete building the fence very quickly and to thus improve our counter-terrorist abilities, as occurred in recent weeks, on the assumption that we will have to deal with this problem in the future as well."

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 30 April 2006:

1. In continuation of its previous decisions, the Cabinet views the continued construction of the security fence as important vis-à-vis a measure that has proven its efficiency in protecting the State of Israel and its citizens and that prevents negative influences that terrorist attacks are liable to have on the diplomatic process while reducing, by as much as possible, the effects on Palestinians’ lives in keeping with High Court of Justice rulings.

Therefore, the Cabinet decided:

* To approve the continued construction of the security fence in order to prevent terrorist attacks, in keeping with the route changes that were presented today;

* The sections of fence that are built as a result of this decision, like those sections of that have been built up to now, are a temporary security measure for the prevention of terrorist attacks and do not express a diplomatic – or any other kind of – border;

* During the detailed planning, every effort will be made to reduce, by as much as possible, disturbances that are liable to be caused to Palestinians’ lives as a result of the construction of the fence;

* Local changes in the route, or construction, of the fence that are required as a result of overall planning or security needs, or as a result of the need to reduce disturbances to Palestinians’ lives, will be submitted for approval to the Defense Minister and the Prime Minister;

* The approval of those sections of the fence route that are still undergoing legal review (in northern Samaria and northeast of Maaleh Adumim) will be subject to legal approval.

  • Revised route of the Security Fence

2. The Cabinet discussed the issue of security responsibility for the ‘Jerusalem envelope’ and for the seam zone.

3. Pursuant to its authority under the 1977 Airports Authority Law, the Cabinet decided to approve the contacts between the Airports Authority and Swissport International Ltd;

4. The Cabinet appointed Israeli Ambassador to Austria Dan Eshbal as Non-Resident Ambassador to Slovenia.