(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister’s Office Director-General Ilan Cohen and Disengagement Authority (Sela) Director Yonatan Basi yesterday (Wednesday, 10 Mat 2006) convened all the professional elements who participated in implementing the Disengagement Plan for a staff discussion to summarize the process.

The following issues were discussed: Preparations by government ministries and the security establishment on civilian issues; the advance legislative process; the stages of the evacuation; permanent and temporary housing; coordination among the various relevant bodies; the need for oversight of the process and the need for checks and balances vs the government’s need for flexibility of action; how the government can deal with a lack of cooperation by residents and with uncertainty; and coordination between the Disengagement Authority and the other government and security establishment bodies.

It was reported that over 80% of the families have maintained their communal frameworks.  It was emphasized that the challenge now facing the government is to lead these communities to permanent housing, while maintaining their community frameworks.  In the past seven months, approximately 1,200 new housing units have been built for evacuees at 24 sites throughout the country.  More than 3,500 claims for compensation have been dealt with; most families have received full compensation.  The Ministerial Committee on Assisting the Residents of the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria made over 130 decisions that were carried out in full.

Cohen and Basi instructed the professional elements to continue investigating matters in depth in order to submit the necessary lessons to the decision-makers.