FM Tzipi Livni held a videoconference with Israeli ambassadors throughout the world on the Hamas victory in the recent PA elections.

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni held a videoconference on Tuesday, Janaury 31, with Israeli ambassadors throughout the world on the subject of the Hamas victory in the recent Palestinian legislative elections. Israel’s ambassadors in the United States, the UN, Europe, Asia (Georgia, Japan and China), Latin America (Colombia, Uruguay), and Africa (Senegal and Nigeria) participated in the videoconference.

Minister Livni discussed the results of the elections and stated that the participation of terrorist organizations in elections is not an inherent part of democracy and that also in European constitutions, democracy protects itself and sets conditions for participation in elections. She announced that Israel will have no contact with any government that will be formed in the PA until it recognizes Israel, gives up terrorism and violence, disarms the terrorist organizations and commits itself to all past signed agreements between Israel and the PA.

Minister Livni said that claims that the Palestinian people voted for the Hamas as a protest against Fatah and not because they support the destruction of Israel were expected, but that the reasons for the vote are not relevant. What is important is the result, and the result is a terrorist organization at the head of the PA. Israel will also demand that the international community stop making a distinction between the military arm and the political arm of the Hamas.