The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is about to debut its upgraded Arabic language Internet site, Altawasul:

 Foreign Ministry to launch renewed Arabic site Altawasul


The new site is operated by advanced and friendlier technology that enables dialogue with Web surfers throughout the world. The renewed Altawasul brings visitors to the site comprehensive information about Israeli politics, policies, culture, and social life, as well as a wealth of documents about Israeli history and the Jewish people. In addition, the site presents updated information on current events in Israel, in particular the country’s foreign policy.

Altawasul is the only official site in Arabic that includes such comprehensive information about Israel. It does so in the belief that dialogue must be fostered with broad segments of the Arabic-speaking public throughout the world. The site also presents a view of Israel beyond the conflict with the Palestinians – topics that are unfamiliar to most of the populations of Arab countries.

During the past year, the Altawasul site was visited by some 250,000 surfers. It is expected that the upgraded site will attract many more.

Despite the fact that the test version of the upgraded Altawasul has been on-line for only a few days, the ministry has already received favorable responses from throughout the Arabic-speaking world. "The site is well organized and rich in information," one surfer wrote from Europe. "Arabic sites are using it to prepare reports about Israel and the Jewish people. This is genuine information without distortion." Other surfers have expressed interest in conversion, immigrating to Israel, learning Hebrew, and working in Israel.