IDF targets Hizbullah vehicle carrying Katyusha rockets

 IDF responds to Hizbullah attacks on Israel's northern border


Photo: IDF Spokesman

(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

In the early morning hours of Sunday, May 28, 2006, several Katyusha rockets were launched from Lebanese territory towards Israel. The rockets hit an IDF base in northern Israel, lightly wounding an IDF soldier and causing damage to the base. The soldier was evacuated to an Israeli hospital where he received medical treatment.

In response to this attack, the IDF carried out an aerial attack on two command posts used by terror organizations in Lebanon, one of which was used as a storage facility for weaponry and ammunition.

In the afternoon hours the Hizbullah terrorist organization launched a large scale attack on communities and military posts situated along the border with Lebanon. Hizbullah attacked with sniper fire and machine gun fire and launched Katyusha rockets and mortar shells at Israeli targets, and citizens along the border were hurried into shelters in order to protect themselves from the rocket barrage. An IDF soldier was severely wounded in Kibbutz Manara during the attack. He was evacuated to an Israeli hospital to receive medical treatment.

In response to this severe unprovoked attack on Israel, the IDF returned fire on outposts and additional Hizbullah targets along the Lebanese border, implementing both aerial attacks and artillery fire.

The Hizbullah terror organization is facing mounting international pressure to disarm itself in accordance with UN decisions 425  and 1559. This attack is yet another attempt by the organization to escalate the situation along the northern border. The State of Israel holds the Lebanese government responsible for all attacks emanating from its territory, and calls the Lebanese government to act without delay to implement the UN decisions in this matter.