(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
Yesterday evening, August 11, 2006, the IDF identified suspicious movement along a route forbidden for travel which had been used by Hizbullah to transport rockets and other weaponry. Acting on the suspicion that these were Hizbullah terrorists transporting weaponry an aerial attack was carried out.

Further inquiry into the incident following information from UNIFIL has concluded that the movement was of a convoy that had left Marjayoun earlier.
It is important to note that a request for the passage of the convoy was submitted to the IDF coordination apparatuses prior to its departure and was not authorized. Furthermore a curfew has been placed on any non-authorized vehicular movement south of the Litani River several days ago.

Dozens of aid convoys have been authorized and coordinated with the IDF through the various aid services operating in Lebanon, those convoys that were not authorized were denied coordination solely due to security concerns.

Of the aid convoys that were authorized and coordinated by the IDF throughout this entire period not a single convoy was hit by IDF fire.