(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)
As of 8:00 am this morning, the IDF has stopped its offensive operations in Lebanon. This is in accordance with the decision of the Israeli government, which is based on UN resolution 1701.

The IDF will respect the ceasefire, but will continue to defend its forces and the citizens of Israel.

IDF forces will remain situated in southern Lebanon until responsibility over the area is handed over to the Lebanese army and UNIFIL, after which forces will reposition themselves inside Israel, along Israel’s internationally recognized border with Lebanon.

During this time the IDF will not initiate attacks on Hizbullah targets in Lebanon. The IDF will continue to employ means aimed at defending its forces and the citizens of Israel.

The IDF has called on the residents of northern Israel to remain in shelters and protected spaces and to await further instructions. The decision of whether to allow residents to leave the shelters will be made following security assessments and according to developments.