Israel established diplomatic relations with recently independent Republic of Montenegro, which on June 28, 2006 was admitted to the UN as a 192nd member state.

 Israel establishes diplomatic relations with Republic of Montenegro


Israeli Amb Yaffa Ben-Ari and Montenegro FM Miodrag Vlahovic

The Ambassador of Israel in Belgrade, Yaffa Ben-Ari and Miodrag Vlahovic, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Montenegro on July 12 signed a Joint Communique on establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries, after handing the Minister a letter from the Israel Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Tzipi Livni, in which Israel recognized the independence of Montenegro.
Ambassador Ben-Ari congratulated the government and the citizens of Montenegro on their independence and for the democratic way in which the referendum was held. Minister Vlahovic thanked the government of Israel and its people for the acknowledgment and equal treatment of Montenegro during the period of the State Union. The minister expressed his hope that high ranking bilateral visits will take place in the near future in order to strengthen relations between these two friendly countries.