PM Olmert will recommend to the government that the resolution be accepted by Israel.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The Bureaus of the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Defense Minister expressed satisfaction over the text of UNSC Resolution 1701 regarding a cease-fire in Lebanon, as adopted last night in New York.

On Sunday, 13 August, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will recommend to the government that the resolution be accepted by Israel.

The Prime Minister spoke early this morning (12 August) with US President George W. Bush, and thanked him for the concern he showed for Israel’s interests in the Security Council.

* * *

Selected reactions and statements:

US Pres Bush (Aug 14): "Friday’s U.N. Security Council resolution on Lebanon is an important step forward that will help bring an end to the violence. We’re now working with our international partners to turn the words of this resolution into action. America recognizes that civilians in Lebanon and Israel have suffered from the current violence, and we recognize that responsibility for this suffering lies with Hezbollah. Responsibility for the suffering of the Lebanese people also lies with Hezbollah’s state sponsors, Iran and Syria. The regime in Iran provides Hezbollah with financial support, weapons, and training. Iran has made clear that it seeks the destruction of Israel. We can only imagine how much more dangerous this conflict would be if Iran had the nuclear weapon it seeks."

PM Olmert (Aug 14): "This resolution is a political accomplishment for Israel, however its significance is crucial to all nations of the free world, who struggle against global terror. The entire international community is partner to the perception that the terror state which established itself in Lebanon must be destroyed."

FM Livni (Aug 13): "The situation in Lebanon prior to the July 12th attack was that of a weak government. Living alongside this government was a terrorist organization, maintaining its own army, totally in control of the entire south of Lebanon, conducting deliberate provocations against Israel, both against its soldiers and against its residents. It will now be possible to monitor the international borders of Lebanon, not only by means of the Lebanese army, but also with the help of international forces. A great deal depends on the Prime Minister of Lebanon, and no less on the international community. Their determination to genuinely and fully implement its resolutions, can lead to this regional change that we all await."

Amb Gillerman (Aug 11): "The resolution adopted today is an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past and to create a genuine new reality in our region. But a resolution alone will do nothing. Unless the tools set out in this resolution are used, with resolve and decisiveness, we will back at this table – if not in a week, then in a month or a year, facing an even greater tragedy. For then the terrorists, supplied no doubt with even more lethal weapons by Iran, will be yet further emboldened by yet another demonstration of our lack of commitment and will."