The President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katsav received the credentials of the Ambassadors of Korea, Serbia, Chile, Belarus and Poland.

In his meeting with the Ambassador of Korea the President noted the good political and economic relations between the two countries and expressed his hope that the relations would develop.  The President also showed interest in the development of the relations between South Korea and North Korea.  The Ambassador of Korea said that Israel has great ability in the fields of software and creation and that Korea has great ability with manufacturing and marketing and that, therefore, there is great potential for cooperation for the benefit of both countries.

In his discussion with the Ambassador of Serbia, the President expressed his appreciation of the good relations and Serbia´s policy already during the Second World War.  He showed interest in the significance of the separation of Montenegro from its partner country.

The Ambassador of Chile told the President about events in her country and that she intended to place special emphasis, during her term, on developing the economic relations.

In the President´s discussion with the Ambassador of Belarus, the President made special mention of the good cultural relations between the two countries.

The Ambassador of Poland, who during the past year was the Advisor to the Prime Minister of Poland on the relations between Poles and Jews, reported to the President on the commitment of the President of Poland and the Prime Minister to combat any form of anti-Semitism.  The President praised the special relations between the two countries and asked that his regards be conveyed to President  Kaczynski and to the former President of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, with whom he is friendly.  The President also gave his blessing to the State Visit of the President of Poland in September this year.

On July 26, the President of Israel, Mr. Moshe Katsav, received the credentials of four new ambassadors:  The Apostolic Nuncio, the Ambassador of Ghana, the Ambassador of Singapore and the Ambassador of Zimbabwe.