(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The Political-Security Cabinet met today (Thursday), 27 July 2006, and decided as follows:

To re-approve the goals of the operation:

1. The continuation of intensive combat against Hizbullah, including striking at its infrastructures and command centers, its professional capabilities, its war materiel infrastructure and its leaders with the goal of returning the abducted soldiers to Israel and halting the firing of missiles at Israeli communities and targets and to remove this threat from over them.

2. The character of the military activity will continue in accordance with previous decisions of the Government/Cabinet and the seven-member forum; approval of the "outline of IDF actions" will continue to be decided upon by the seven-member forum.

Any change in the character of the activity will be submitted for Government/Cabinet approval.

3. Against the background of the security actions in the Gaza Strip and on the northern front opposite Lebanon, the Cabinet approves both the heightening of the alert status and readiness on the front opposite Hizbullah in Lebanon and the security establishment’s recommendation on the calling up of reserve forces as it was presented to the Cabinet.

The call-up is in order to ready a force ahead of possible developments as presented to the Cabinet and to refresh forces as necessary.

The use of the force, if necessary, will be done following additional Government/Cabinet approval.