The Political-Security cabinet convened this morning and resolved as follows:

– To approve the plans proposed by the Minister of Defense and the IDF regarding the continuation of activities in Lebanon, while taking into account the implications of a future political agreement. It was also decided to continue and deepen strikes against the terrorist infrastructures in the zone in which the IDF is operating.

– To authorize the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense to determine the time for commencing the implementation of the proposed plan.

– To pursue the pattern of military activity against Hizbullah targets throughout all of Lebanon, by the air force, navy and ground forces.

– To continue the efforts to achieve a political agreement, particularly in the framework of the U.N. Security Council, while striving to achieve the following goals:

  • The immediate, unconditional return of the kidnapped soldiers.
  • The immediate cessation of all hostilities from Lebanon against Israel and against Israeli targets, including cessation of missile and rocket attacks on Israel.
  • The full implementation of Security Council Resolution 1559.
  • The deployment of an effective international force in southern Lebanon, together with the Lebanese army, along the Blue Line.
  • Preventing Hizbullah from rebuilding its military capabilities, mainly by preventing the transfer of weapons and munitions from Syria and Iran to Lebanon.