(Communicated by the Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories – COGAT)

Due to the escalation in the security situation, a closure has been imposed on the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Despite the closure, the following exceptions have been made:

– Approval for movement of persons involved in ongoing Supreme Court cases
– Approval for movement of humanitarian cases
– Approval for the exit of 500 employees from the West Bank and Gaza Strip to work in factories that have been relocated to Israel due to the disengagement
– Approval for movement of diplomats, foreigners and foreign employees of international organizations
– Approval for prisoners’ families to visit Israeli prisons
– Approval for movement of senior and essential Palestinian international organizations employees between the West Bank and Gaza, subject to COGAT authorization
– VIP movement, subject to COGAT authorization.

In addition, in preparation for the upcoming elections to the Palestinian legislative council, the movement of those involved in the elections (candidates, election committee members, foreign and Palestinian observers) is permitted from January 3-26, subject to COGAT authorization.

Special measures for Id el-Adha
(9-12 January 2006)

During the four-day Id el-Adha holiday, marked by special prayers, family visits and holiday feasts, the following measures have been approved for the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip:

West Bank:

Family visits between the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and into Israel during Id el-Adha:

– Approval for the exit of 4,000 Palestinians (ages 40 married with children and children aged 16 and under)  for family visits in Israel.
– Israeli Arabs are allowed to enter “A” territories for family visits.
– Residents are allowed to enter Jerusalem for prayers on the Temple Mount temple (ages 45 and  above), without permits, with organized transportation.

Assistance steps in movement regulations during the holiday:

– The movement of the Palestinian population through checkpoints and barriers will be facilitated during the holiday.

Gaza Strip:

Israeli Arabs are allowed to enter the Gaza Strip to visit first degree relatives during the holiday, (9-12 January) with two week prior notice.between the 9-12 January.