(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

In the past days the IDF has been operating in the neighborhood of Sajiyah in northern Gaza in order to damage terror infrastructures in the area and to stop Qassam rocket attacks from the area against the State of Israel. The operation is part of the ongoing Operation Summer Rains to stop terror acts and Qassam launchings at Israel, and to bring about the safe return of kidnapped soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit.

The activities in this neighborhood were conducted by joint Infantry Corps, Armor Corps, and Engineering Corps forces, as well as recurring Air Force, Navy, and Artillery Corps attacks.

As part of the operation IDF attacked over 100 armed terrorists operating against IDF soldiers operating inside of the Gaza Strip. About 25 terrorists were killed. Since the beginning of Operation Summer Rain close to 140 armed terrorists have been killed.

Yesterday IDF forces in the neighborhood identified a suicide bomber armed with an explosives belt approaching them. The forces opened fire on the terrorist and hit him. As a result, the explosives detonated, killing the terrorist.

IDF attacks four weapon stores in Gaza Strip
Air Force planes attacked weapon production and storage facilities used by the Hamas terror organization in the Sajiyah neighborhood in northern Gaza. During this operation, the IAF also attacked two Hamas organization weapon storage and production facilities in Beit Lehia and in Khan Yunis, as well as a Al-Aqsa Martyr brigades’ weapon facilities in Beit Hanun. The IDF warned the citizens of the neighborhoods before the attack, and instructed them not to stay in houses in which terror operatives are active.