(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

IDF ground forces have made a limited incursion into the central Gaza Strip.

  • Mohammed Deif and additional senior Hamas terrorists were targeted in an aerial attack of a building in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • Several gunmen who were identified advancing towards IDF forces near Kissufim were targeted in an aerial attack.
  • A truck carrying a large amount of explosives and Qassam rockets was targeted in an aerial attack in Gaza City.

The IDF distributed leaflets addressing the Palestinians civilian population from the air. The leaflets are intended to warn the Palestinian public to stay clear of areas in which the IDF is operating against terror infrastructure. The IDF is operating ‎with great caution in order to prevent any harm to uninvolved civilians. The operations targets terror organizations, the terror cells which launch projectile rockets at Israel and the terror infrastructure.

Text of the leaflet:

The IDF is carrying out operations throughout the Gaza Strip. The operations will last as long as needed.

The objective of the operation is to determine the whereabouts of our abducted soldier, Gilad Shalit, to bring about his release, and to ensure the safety of Israel citizens.

For your safety, and as we want to prevent any harm to civilians, who are not involved in attacking our forces, you should stay clear of areas where the IDF is operating and adhere to IDF forces.

People who try to disrupt the IDF’s activities, which are meant to ensure the safe return of our soldier, are doing so at their own risk.