(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

The IDF continued to operate in the Gaza Strip yesterday (Wednesday), 12 July 2006, as part of the ongoing operation against the terrorist organizations meant to secure the release of Cpl. Gilad Shalit and to stop terror attacks and the launching of rockets into Israel.

  • The IDF carried out aerial attacks on four cells of armed gunmen in the central Gaza Strip.
  • IDF forces fired at gunmen who attempted to plant an explosive device in the ground against forces operating in the central Gaza Strip, near the Kissufim road.
  • In addition, IDF forces fired artillery at open areas used by terror organizations in the northern and southern Gaza Strip, and navy vessels fired artillery at such areas in the northern Gaza Strip.

IDF targets the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Early this morning, July 13, 2006, the IDF carried out an aerial attack against the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in the northern Gaza Strip. The offices are headed by Aumad Mahmud A-Zahar who plans and directs terrorist attacks.

Hamas is a terror organization which regularly plans and carries out attacks against Israel, including attacks carried out in recent weeks.

Passage of food items and fuel into the Gaza Strip through the Nahal Oz and Karni crossings

In accordance with the decisions of the political echelon and despite the continuing threats of terrorist attacks in the area, the Karni goods crossing and Nahal Oz fuel terminal were opened again yesterday, July 12, 2006, for the passage of food items and fuel into the Gaza Strip.

  • At the Karni crossing, over 100 truckloads of basic food items, and 14 electricity generators were transferred to Gaza.
  • At the Nahal Oz fuel terminal, the following quantities of fuel and natural gas were transferred: 500,000 liters of diesel, 100,000 liters of gasoline, 125 tons of natural gas (for cooking).

Earlier this week over 265 tons of basic food items, a truckload of medicines, over a 1,000,000 liters of fuel, 65,000 liters of chlorine and additional supplies passed into the Gaza Strip. Last week, over 200 truckloads of basic food items, over 1,500,000 liters of fuel, and over 400 tons of natural gas passed into the Gaza strip through the different crossings. The water supply into the Gaza Strip continues uninterrupted.

The Israeli defense establishment monitors the supply reserves in the Gaza Strip based on supplies entering Gaza through the various crossings. The data available shows that the current inventory of basic goods and medicines in the Gaza Strip is in sufficient supply. Israel allowed the opening of Karni crossing last week despite the existing security threats in order to prevent any future disruptions from causing unexpected shortages.

Israel has allowed the opening of the different crossings for the passage of supplies to the Palestinian population, despite the continuous threats of attacks on these crossings from the terror organizations, who operate at the expense of the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip.

Supplies transferred to Gaza

Despite ongoing terror attacks from Gaza aimed at the civilian population in Israel, and as part of the IDF’s commitment to minimize the damage to the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip, the following supplies were transferred today (July 13) through the Erez, Karni and Nahal Oz crossings:

Over 30 containers and 140 trucks containing:

  • 1080 tons of various grains
  • 800 tons of sugar
  • 140 tons of dairy products
  • 520 tons of flour
  • 420 tons of fruit
  • 169 tons of oil
  • 120 tons of salt
  • 160 tons of rice
  • 40 tons of eggs
  • 100 tons of meat and fish products
  • 7 trucks containing medicines and medical equipment
  • several heavy duty generators
  • 25,000 liters of chloride
  • 350,000 liters of diesel
  • 50,000 liters of petrol
  • 100 tons of cooking gas

It is important to note that the water and electricity supply from Israel to the Gaza Strip remains uninterrupted.