(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Summary of IDF activity in the Gaza Strip overnight

The IDF carried out an aerial attack on a structure in Jebaliya, in northern Gaza, that was used by the Hamas terrorist organization and from which terrorist activity against Israeli citizens was planned and directed.

Armed gunmen opened fire at an IDF force in the area of Beit Hanun. The armed cell was targeted in an aerial attack. IDF forces identified an armed cell carrying an RPG missile in the area of Beit Hanun. The armed cell was targeted in an aerial attack.

IDF activity in the northern Gaza Strip

Beginning early this morning, July 16, 2006, IDF ground forces are operating near Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip, as part of the ongoing operation in the Gaza Strip to thwart terror threats and the launching of projectile rockets.

The operation is focused on the terrorist organizations and the terrorist infrastructure involved in the launching of projectile rockets at communities in Israel.

The IDF operation is directed against the Gaza Strip’s terror infrastructure only. The IDF will make every effort in order to prevent civilian casualties, and continues to stress to the civilian Palestinian population that, for their own safety, civilians should stay clear of combat zones.

IDF targets tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip

During the night, July 16, 2006, the IDF carried out an aerial attack in the southern Gaza Strip, targeting the infrastructure of a tunnel which was meant to be used to carry out terror attacks in Israel’s home front.

Striking this infrastructure prevents the carrying out of terrorist attacks in the Israeli home front.

The IDF continues its operation to eliminate the terrorist infrastructure in northern Gaza, firing artillery at open areas in northern Gaza from which Qassam rockets are fired towards Israel.