(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Over the weekend, IDF ground forces continued the operation in the outskirts of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. This is part of the general IDF operation in the Gaza Strip aimed at removing terror infrastructure and terror threats emanating from the Gaza Strip.

Approximately 78 trucks containing supplies of food, basic products and medical equipment passed into the Gaza Strip through the Karni crossing over the weekend.

During the weekend, IDF forces identified hitting 10 armed gunmen. The gunmen were armed with anti tank missiles and light weapons, and some were identified while attempting to launch rockets at Israel:

The IDF attacked, in separate incidents, four gunmen armed with anti-tank missiles, who were identified moving towards the forces. After hitting one of the gunmen, secondary explosions were identified by the forces, apparently due to the large amount of explosives carried by the gunman.

In another incident, the IDF targeted three armed gunmen moving north of the Dahaniya airport, and identified hitting them.
So far, since entering the Rafah area IDF forces have hit over 50 gunmen. Since the beginning of operation "Summer Rain", 160 gunmen have been killed by IDF forces.
The IDF has continued firing its artillery at rocket launching grounds in the Gaza Strip, from which Israeli civilians are being attacked.