Israel deplores the one-sided resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the following statement in response to the resolution adopted by the General Assembly on Friday, 17 November 2006:

We regret the resolution passed by the UN General Assembly on Friday, which once again expressed the automatic majority held by the Arab countries in this forum.

What is particularly outrageous is the ignoring of the ongoing terrorism against Israeli civilians by the Palestinian terrorist organizations, including the suffering this causes the population and the damage to its property.

Resolutions of this nature subvert the position of the United Nations and undermine Israel’s trust in this body. Israel has already expressed regret regarding the incident in Beit Hanoun; it has been investigated and the lessons drawn.

We expect the United Nations to show a more balanced and fairer approach toward Israel and not to automatically adopt any notion from those whose only desire is to discredit Israel.