(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday, 19 August 2007:

1. ISA Director Yuval Diskin briefed the Cabinet on current security matters.

2. Foreign Ministry Dir.-Gen. Aharon Abramovitch presented a report regarding the extension of the UNIFIL mandate in Lebanon.

3. National Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer and Dir.-Gen. Hezi Kugler briefed the Cabinet on the country’s electricity infrastructure and on the Israel Electric Coorporation’s development plans which would enable the country to meet electricity demand in the years to come.

4. The Ministry of Transport & Road Safety Saul Mofaz and Chairman of the Public Committee for the Review of Civil Aviation Safety In Israel, Maj.-Gen (Res.) Amos Lapidot,  presented the Committee’s interim report.

Prime Minister Olmert’s position is that the report is serious and worrisome and indicates deficiencies which must be addressed urgently through a general enlistment of all the professional resources at the Minister’s disposal. A warning of dificiencies is important and addressing them is vital. The State of Israel invests $ billions in securing its airways and its airlines. It is unfathumable that in parralel its aviation safety could be in jepardy. The Prime Minister clarifies that he expects the Ministry of Transport & Road Safety and the Civil Aviation Authority to deal with the problem expediently.

5. The Cabinet approved, further to Cabinet decision 1215, 18 February 2007, and in accordance to recommendations of Prime Minister’s Office Dir.-Gen.’s project manager Dr. Reuben Gal, to establish an administration for voluntary national service for civilians, by September 2007,

6. The Cabinet approved an amendment to the regulations concerning Government procedures, determining special provisions for the procedures of the Ministerial Committee for the National Insurance Institute (NII).

7. The Cabinet approved to present for Knesset approval: Municipality Union Law – Kineret, in accordance to Municipality Union Law, 1955.

8. The Cabinet approved, in accordance with Culture and Arts Law, 2002, and as recommended by Minister for Science Culture and Sport, Galeb Majadle, the appointment of the following additional members to the Israel Council for Culture and Art:

·       Neta Eshel
·       Nir Baram
·       Yehoram Gaon
·       Nisim Germa
·       Eliezer Ya’ari
·       Yihiel Leket
·       Michal Snunit El-Peleg
·       Amin Anbatawi
·       Nasrin Pauor Ali

9. The Cabinet approved, in principle, Draft-Law: Nation Council for Civil Research and Development (Amendment), 2007, and to authorize the Ministerial Committee on Law and Law Enforcement to approve the final draft of the proposed law.

10. The Cabinet approved, in accordance with Antiquities Law, 1989, the budget for the Israel Antiquities Authority, NIS 127,751,000.