"ISRAEL ONLINE FOR YOU" – Assisted by MFA experts, ORT students create multi-lingual informational website to explain the situation in Israel to youngsters around the world.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

In a year-long project, teams of Foreign Ministry information specialists met monthly with a group of forty girls and boys chosen from all Ort schools throughout Israel, assisting them to acquire the communication skills necessary to complete their project.

Arranged by the Ort educational network, "ISRAEL ONLINE FOR YOU" is the first project of its kind that allows high-school students to use the Internet to communicate with other youths around the world.

These highly motivated youths, from Arad in the south to the Galilee in the north, have created a multi-lingual informational website, which they use to get Israel’s message accross to fellow teenagers around the world. They have made online contact with many young people from around the world, and take part in various online activities such as replying to talkbacks, participating in forums and organizing online petitions. They have even e-mailed the Iranian president, protesting his derogatory remarks regarding Israel.  

The aim of the website, www.israel1.org, is to deliver a credible, dynamic and concise message from Israeli youths, students at one of the ORT educational institutions, to their compatriots around the world. During the past year, the youths posted hundreds of messages in which they wrote of their feelings, described personal views and supplied information about Israel.

The ORT project administration intends to continue with this project and broaden its scope in the forthcoming year.