A delegation of 80 senior MFA staff-members, headed by DG Abramovich, visited Sderot today in support of the city’s residents.

 Senior MFA staff-members visit Sderot


Photo: MFA

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman)

The spokesperson of the city of Sderot, Adv. Yosef Cohen Pinhas, meeting today (Wednesday, July 4) with the Director-General of the MFA and other senior staff members, said that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the only socio-economic ministry that assists Sderot."

Mr. Aaron Abramovich, Director-General of the MFA, headed a delegation of  some 80 senior staff members, ambassadors and diplomats serving abroad, that visited the city of Sderot and other settlements in the region.

 In his address, Mr. Abramovich said "Our representatives represent the people of Sderot and the other settlements around the Gaza Strip. It is their duty to tell the world of the very difficult daily routine the residents here have been struggling with for the past seven years. It is our duty to tell of the fortitude of parents who send their children to school day in and day out, the courage of a businessman who opens his store every day, the heroism of those who continue with their routine despite the difficulties. Sderot, a city that welcomes new immigrants, exemplifies Israeli society and that is what we tell the world."

He added that "While it is a military struggle, at the end of the day the solution will be political. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be the body to offer the political solution, even if it won’t be realized in the near future".  

The MFA delegates met with the mayor of Sderot, who told them of the difficult routine the residents must endure, and thanked the MFA and the ambassadors around the world for their support.

Mayor Moyal noted the recent visit of delegates from the European Parliament and those of other delegates from around the world, whose visit was due to the efforts of Israeli ambassadors around the world. "Sderot’s relationship with the Jewish community of Milan was established due the efforts of the Israeli ambassador to Italy. A delegation will be visiting the city next week, and will meet with the Italian Prime Minister who is also expected to visit. Such is the situation with Christian communities in Holland, where the relationship was established due to the efforts of the Israeli ambassador to Holland, or the Jewish community in Berlin, who have donated a sophisticated fire truck."

The visit also included residents of Sderot and the surrounding settlements who participated in the delegations to Europe and the USA organized by the MFA and the Jewish Agency a few weeks ago.