Professor Gabriela Shalev will be Israel’s new ambassador to the UN, following the excellent job done by outgoing Ambassador Dan Gillerman.

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

The Government approved the appointment of Professor Gabriela Shalev –chosen in a joint decision by PM Olmert and FM Livni – as Israel’s ambassador to the UN.

At the Cabinet meeting, FM Livni said, "Ambassador Dan Gillerman is completing an excellent term as Israel’s ambassador at the UN. His talents enabled him to successfully confront the challenges of his term, complex and difficult situations that included the Second Lebanon War, the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip, and the Iranian issue. His performance inspired the admiration of the other ambassadors as well as of the international media, in which he succeeded in conveying Israel’s message clearly and fluently, representing Israel with dignity."

Regarding Professor Shalev, FM Livni said, "It was important to me to appoint a woman to represent Israel in such an important place. In addition, her extraordinary talents will enable her to deal with the challenges facing Israel. Professor Shalev is internationally respected; she has fulfilled many public positions in Israel, and the appointment committee determined that her impressive reputation and background, as well as her personality, make her a fitting candidate for the position of ambassador to the UN. I am confident of her ability to represent Israel faithfully, and I wish her success."