(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

The Cabinet, Sunday, 17 August 2008, approved the appointment of Mr. Ayman Saif to Director, Economic Development Authority in the Minority Sector, Prime Minister’s Office.

Ayman Saif, 39, holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Planning, Business Management and International Development. From 1996-2008 he was a Senior Professional Manager in the Economic Division of the Prime Minister’s Office and previously held the position of Economist in the Ministry for Economy and Planning.  Saif was a member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Equal Representation of Arab Academics in the Civil-Service and a member of the Committee to Advance Employment and Entrepreneurship in the Arab Sector. He was chosen for the position of Authority Director after Prime Minister Olmert accepted the recommendations of the Candidate Selection Committee.

Ayman Saif said that the Authority will constitute a Government body that will advance projects which will strengthen economic activity within Arab, Druze, and Caucasian communities while strengthening the minority sector’s integration into the national economy. "The Authority’s activities will contribute to minimize sectorial gaps and create one economy for one country," stated Saif.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert noted that he sees improvement in accessibility of employers from minority sectors to Government assistance mechanisms as a central objective of the Authority’s work. The Prime Minister also noted the potential of Israel’s minorities to contribute to its economic growth and to enjoy its fruits.