Colombian foreign minister expressed rejection of Iranian nuclear program and condemned terrorist attacks on Israel.

Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Majalli Whbee concluded on Tuesday (26 February) an official visit in Bogota, capital of Colombia. During his visit, the deputy foreign minister held a series of meetings with senior officials, including Colombia’s foreign minister, Fernando Araújo, and the president of the Colombian parliament.

During their meeting, the Colombian foreign minister expressed his total rejection of the Iranian nuclear program. FM Araújo, who was himself a hostage of the guerilla organization FARC, condemned the terrorist attacks on Israel and stressed the common efforts of the two states to combat terrorism, efforts that could determine the fates of people and countries alike.

Foreign Minister Araújo expressed great interest in visiting Israel in the coming year, when the two states mark 50 years since the opening of embassies.